I would not be where I am today without the generosity and kindness from so many
friends and colleagues.

I want to thank Ska for inviting me to participate in such a wonderful event like The
International Contortion Convention, and for opening her home to me.

I would like to thanks Jim Pickles, David Sr, Paul, Glen, Keith and Sal, whom without
their generous contributions for my airfare to Germany, I would not have been able to
attend the wonderful convention, that has changed my life for the better in so many ways
ICC I couldnt even say.

Thanks so much to David Miller for taking so many beautiful and wonderful photos, and
letting me use them on my sites, the photos will be treasured forever, not just by me, but
the contortion world is very greatful for the effort you have put in to helping my
portfolio. Thanks also to all the other photogrpahers who have contributed to me having
such wonderful material on this site; Simon Crisp, Norm, Beth Miller, Brad Miller,
Steffen, David from QLD Aus.

Thanks to all my lovely internet friends who have made my days on the net such happy
ones and who have helped motivate me to follow my dreams and never give up;
Little Question from who some of you may know, Paul, Joebody, Glen, Tashev,
Ska, Kalaus, Jamie, Phil and so many others.

Thanks to my friends back home which constantly support my crazy, odd yet beautiful
career thanks;
Cassie, Otto, Ginette and Jason Liu Brennan, Chrissy

Thank you grandfather so much for helping me achieve my dream by supporting me
through my Dance and Gymnastics as a little girl, the skills I learnt doing these
wonderful arts, I use every day in my Contortion, and have given me so many happy

Thanks Joesph Botta for making your wonderful
MSN Contortion Group Where you
encouraged me to try Contortion. Now I am hooked to Contortion and it's all your

I would like to thanks Roxanne Press from The Mexican International Circus/Circo
Roberts for so many things, for making my time in Mexico just so perfect, for your
beautiful costumes where you can find at , and for your
kindness, generosity and friendship. You are a special friend more like big sister that I
hope to keep forever close by. Oh and thanks for helping support my addiction to
anything and everything shiny, sequins diamantes, and feathers forever girl!!!!!!